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The Benefits of Concrete Palisade Walls

The Benefits of Concrete Palisade Walls

Palisade is a popular choice for precast concrete walls in Gauteng. They can be found in and around properties all over South Africa and are lauded for their cost effectiveness, ease of maintenance and protective prowess. If you are in the market for a wall for your property, and are looking for a solution that offers enormous benefits, then here are the reasons why you should be looking to concrete palisade walls to get the job done.

Superior Protection

The first point should be the most important for those looking to up the security of their property with a wall that is sturdy enough to offer protection from just about anything. The concrete used in these types of palisades offers incredible resistance and protection, and can withstand enormous force; making them one of the most durable wall solutions around.

Better Resistance

There is more to worry about than people when it comes to your wall, you need to know that the solution you’ve picked can stand up to the ravages of the harsh South African climate. Concrete palisades were designed with the challenges of the dry, hot South African weather in mind. This makes it remarkably resistant to wear and tear as well as gradual ageing from the sun, wind, rain, heat and cold.

Maintenance Free

Concrete palisade walls are unique in that they require little to no maintenance. They might need a touch up at some point just to bring them back into style, but generally speaking, they will remain structurally sound indefinitely, even with minimal or no maintenance.
No Resale Value
This sounds like an odd one, but in a South African context, it actually makes sense. Steel walls and fences have one big downside, and it’s the same downside that copper pipes and cables have; they have a high resale value. If this sounds good to you, then you have never sat in the dark after the power fails thanks to copper cable theft. Concrete palisades have literally no resale value, and so they will continue to protect you instead of making money for some thieving opportunist.

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