1. What are electric fence poles?
Electric fence poles are used for additional home or workplace security. It facilitates the use of better security and protection measures. Electric fence poles are made from high quality materials and fitted to customer specifications. Walls and Home are able to offer perfection when installing electric fence poles on your premises.
2. What are farm fences used for?
Farm fences are used for the protection of livestock and large plots of land. It is the ideal way to keep stock inside and intruders outside. Farm fences are a mixture of barbed wire and concrete droppers. Wall and Home is proud to offer farm fences on a specialised basis to their clients.
3. What is concrete droppers?
Concrete droppers are sturdy slabs of concrete. It is manufactured by using high pre-stressed concrete. Concrete droppers are typically used for fencing, providing additional security to land of all types and sizes. If you are looking for additional and alternative walling solutions, be sure to contact Walls and Home today to let them know how they can assist you with keeping your site safe.