Keeping your Exterior Walls Fresher for Longer

Keeping your Exterior Walls Fresher for Longer

Precast concrete walls are a popular choice for exterior walling in homes and buildings around Gauteng. They are cost effective, durable and easy enough to maintain. Still, ensuring that they enjoy a long lifespan while still providing your property with both protection and aesthetic appeal requires a certain amount of routine maintenance, and even the occasional repairs to be conducted. Here we will walk you through the necessary steps for taking care of your exterior walls, whether for the benefit of your home, or for your place of work.

Frequent Cleaning

Your exterior walls stand a better chance of lasting longer if they are frequently cleaned, and this is true for all of the materials in it. Cleaning is important for removing dust, dirt, mould, residue and other unwanted matter that may quicken the rate at which it deteriorates. Because of this, exterior walls should be washed down at least annually, but in coastal areas, should be done more frequently. The best approach is to use a low-pressure hose and a soft brush with a gentle detergent.

Painting Exterior Walls

Paint doesn’t only add to the aesthetics of your exterior walls, but also adds to their protection. Since paint coats will deteriorate over time with weathering, it is crucial that a new layer is applied to the wall from time to time. The time of intervals between the need to paint the wall will depend on the quality of the previous coat, how well the surface of the wall has been prepared and of course the type of weather conditions that it has to work with. Remember too that lighter colours absorb less heat, resulting in less expanding and contracting and therefor fewer cracks.

Conducting Repairs When They are Needed

Even the need for minor repairs, when left ignored, can lead to greater structural damages over time. Besides this, damages will undermine the protective power of the wall and take away from its aesthetic appeal. Because of this, even minor damages must be seen to and repaired as soon as possible wherever they appear.

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